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Defence Tenders FAQ

If you have any question related with working of DefenceTenders or any other aspect of Defence Procurement across the Global; you can refer the FAQ Section below. If you still have any query, please Contact Us.

What is the total world defence budget?

The countries around the world spend roughly 2 Trillion USD on various activities to protect their borders.

Which are the top 5 countries with highest defence expenditure?

USA-677, China-268, Saudi Arabia-75, Russia-74 and India 72 Billion USD. These figures are based on the average percentage of GDP spent by these countries over last 3 years (2016,2017 and 2018) and their GDP. The base figure of Defence Expenditure for the year 2018 have been taken from SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) and then extrapolated for the year 2019. The GDP figures (on Nominal Value) have been taken from IMF.

Which are the top 5 countries spending highest % of GDP on defence procurement?

Oman-9.90%, Saudi Arabia-9.63%, Algeria-5.89%, Kuwait-5.50% and Lebanon-4.92%

What is defence offset?

This is a clause/provision inserted in the purchase agreement (generally Defence procurement) through which the importing country insists the exporting country to purchase a fixed % of goods and services from the importing country. For example the exporting country "E" agrees to sell fighter planes worth USD 5 Billion to the importing country "I". Now, as agreed in the offset class, the importing country will ask the supplier of Fighter Plance to import say 60% of 5 Billion USD, which is 3 Billion USD worth of goods and services from the importing country.

From how many countries you are sourcing Defence Tenders?

Since we are a Tender aggregator, we cover all the countries in the world.

Is there any free trial available?

Yes, we can provide a free trial of 3 days.

What are the different subscription plans?

There are various subscription plans which can serve the needs of any organization irrespective of the size.

How to subscribe DefenceTenders?

You need to first register on the side. Someone from our sales team will call you to understand exact requirement and the type of plan you would like to subscribe. He will send the complete proposal containing the information about the company, subscription plans and the benefits under each plan. Once you decide the plan he will send you the invoice, which you have to pay. Your account will be activated immediately after we receive the payment.

How to pay for the subscription?

You can pay by credit card, Paypal and SWIFT Transfer.

How the information is delivered?

Once we receive the payment, we will activate your account. You will receive the welcome email from us, which will contain your login credentials and the account validity. If you have opted for the plan which includes daily email alerts, then you will start receiving the same from that night. We generate daily email alerts for our clients at the end of the day, once we complete the data processing operation. Daily email alerts are generally generated at 2300 Hrs IST.

What is the refund policy?

We request our clients to appreciate the fact the information being sold is in electronic format and hence it is considered to be consumed immediately after we send the email containing login credentials. Hence, we do not entertain any request of refund or cancellation. We would further like to clarify that once the payment is done, it will be assumed that the client has evaluated the services to its fullest satisfaction and has clarified all his queries/doubts with respect to the services. After making the payment no refund or cancellation request will be entertained.

How many email ids I can add?

Please refer the subscription plan. If your requirement is different from the standard plan, please write to us, we will try our level best to accommodate your request.

Can I change my preference during the currency of the subscription?

Yes, you can. There is no limit either on number of products which you can add/remove OR on number of times you request the same, during the currency of your subscription.

Is your database available for syndication?

Yes, we sell the database with absolute re-distribution rights to association, online magazines, industry specific portals, chamber of commerce etc. The data can be delivered through any mode like: daily XML Feed, direct transfer to your server, micro site etc.

Can we publish our tenders on DefenceTenders?

Yes, you can. Being the industry specific Tender portal, we get lots of relevant visitors on our website.